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  1. How can I determine a good, movable pre-wet system for crop growth? Details

    Growing crops requires precise irrigation and water placement. Rain for Rent offers complete irrigation design and engineering. A good pre-wet system needs reliable mainline and strategically placed lateral runs. An efficient clear water agricultural pump can make the difference in the growth of crops. An engineered system from Rain for Rent can provide the best use of every inch of your land and even allow for movement around your land.

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  2. How can I best hydrotest a pipeline in a mountainous region? Details

    Hydrotesting is a crucial part of pipeline maintenance and construction. As engineering feats allow pipelines to travel over great distances and staggering elevations, you need a pump and equipment to ensure your project is completed successfully. Rain for Rent offers a full line of high head pumps, allowing your hydrotest project to reach the heights and pressures required. Complete your hydrotest with Rain for Rent piping and filtration equipment for clean disposal.

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  3. How can I prevent oil-filled transformers from spilling during transport? Details

    Upgrades and construction often require transformers to be moved short or long distances on a jobsite. Don't risk the chance of spilling harmful or toxic oils and fluids during transportation. By utilizing Rain for Rent's Transport Spillguard you can set up a temporary containment berm on any truck trailer for transport. This Spillguard is not limited to transformers. It can be used under any equipment during transport to protect the environment.

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  4. How can I monitor pH and turbidity levels on my jobsite to ensure compliance? Details

    Jobsite runoff can have pH and turbidity levels that could be harmful if discharged into receiving waters or storm drains. It can also lead to costly fines. To help monitor water onsite, saving time and money, Rain for Rent developed a system that monitors and pH and turbidity. The system will automatically divert flows if pH and turbidity are not within specifications. The PWQMS is portable and monitors pH and turbidity levels in a closed system before discharging, allowing you to meet point source discharge standards. Whether you are dewatering for construction, or bypassing flows, this portable water treatment and monitoring system will keep your job on task.

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  5. What pump should I use to flush and purge a Geothermal Field Loop? Details

    Geothermal Field Loops are often used to heat and cool homes. From time to time, the liquid used in those systems needs to be purged, cleaned and filtered. Rain for Rent has a complete line or portable centrifugal and high-head rental pumps that can be specified to your purging project. Whether our smaller duty DV80c three-inch pump for smaller Geothermal Field Loop system purging, or larger pumps, our sales engineers will help you pick the perfect pump to safely purge your system.

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  6. How can I protect spillguards when installing over gravel or rocks? Details

    Rain for Rent's SolidGround™ Traction Mats provide a more affordable alternative to plywood and rubber mats when installing spillguards under heavy equipment over rocks, gravel and slightly uneven surfaces. SolidGround™ Traction mats, unlinke plywood, will not retain moisture, will not de-laminate and will last the entire duration of your project without need for replacement. So if you are looking for the best way to protect your jobsite and your spillguards, look to renting SolidGround™ Traction Mats.

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  7. How can I build a temporary tank system while my equalization tank is serviced? Details

    Many waste treatment systems have equalization tanks that help regulate flow, or provide a staging area for the treatment process additives. These tanks require regular maintenance and service, but the entire waste treatment system can't go offline during repairs. That's why Rain for Rent can help you design a temporary tank holding system powered by reliable and efficient pumps. Whether they are mixing tanks, large 21,000 gallon steel tanks or poly tanks, a custom system can be built for your temporary tank service bypass needs.

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