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Safety at
Rain for Rent

Our goal is to operate our business in a safe and environmentally friendly way so that our employees, customers, neighbors and the communities we work in benefit from our stewardship.

 As an industrial rental company, we work with our customers to provide them with turnkey solutions to help them operate safely while protecting the air, land and water upon which we all depend.

Health and safety are the priorities for every Rain For Rent employee.

Our goal is to:


Send Each & Every Employee Home Safely Each & Every Day


We believe that all accidents are preventable and a zero-incidents goal is attainable. Every Rain for Rent employee is continually working to prevent injuries, illnesses and accidents for incident free operations.. One of our customers said it best "Operational excellence is no longer the cost of doing business. It's part of the price of admission," says Dave O'Reilly, ChevronTexaco's chairman.

We have adopted a methodical approach to constantly improve our safety performance. Using time-tested methods of training, pre-job safety analysis, "near miss" and incident analysis we become safer every day. Our compensation and incentive programs directly reinforce the goal of an incident free workplace. While improving our safety performance, we minimize risks and improve our overall financial performance to better serve our customers.

Zero incidents is the team goal at Rain For Rent.